MERLIN analysis software for professionals

MERLINPLUS Data Fact SheetMERLIN is a comprehensive software package for survey data processing. It has been developed for over 20 years, and is now one of the best-known and most widely-used packages of its kind.

MERLIN is a language based product, aimed at the professional survey analyser.  We recommend MERLIN for people who will spend at least 75% of their time using it, in order that they will be able to develop and retain skills in the use of this language; for those processing data on a less frequent basis, we recommend MERLINPLUS.

MERLIN is often compared with Quantum

Key Features

  • data entry
  • data editing and reporting
  • cross tabulation with full labelling
  • full and partial table manipulation
  • many statistical functions including correlations and dependent t-tests
  • multi-stage weighting including rims and / or targets
  • tables export to Word / Acrobat / Excel / MTC / TabsML (preferred export for E-Tabs)
  • inputs / outputs ASCII, column binary, CSV, or Excel data
  • includes the “pre-processor” – a powerful macro system for handling any type of repetitive specification
  • processing of hierarchical data structures
  • merging dis-aggregated and / or aggregated data from different surveys
  • ability to re-run tables to change text and formatting, without re-reading the data
  • spellchecking
  • hundreds of formatting options
  • MERLIN Toolkit and MTWA included free

MERLIN Screenshot

Merlin Screenshot


Latest MERLIN Updates



01.12.15 new format EAA to apply text to averages in TABSML file
12.11.15 new format HCT to read H labels (including label controls) on continuation table
09.10.15 TABSML output may now be produced in same run as CSV tables
27.08.15 format HAL now works for any two data types
30.07.15 upgraded for Windows 10
16.07.15 updated spellchecker
19.06.15 RCP PPx now supported on command line of PPSA
26.05.15 automatic checking for Updates introduced
13.05.15 displayed / suppression of % sign may now be specified for individual table columns
13.05.15 row label top alignment instruction (format RBA) carried over to MTWA
13.05.15 row label indent instruction carried over to MTWA
28.04.15 new function %CLOCK() to return current time in ivar as HHMMSS
09.04.15 new format FLO to output all FILTER LEVEL labels on one line
09.04.15 new functions %GET16, %GETPDV, %PUTPDV, %PUT16 for handling packed decimal data
09.04.15 data types CBJ, CSJ and CSI now read / write bottom 4 bits
11.02.15 name of svar in FRQ file derived from input variable name
30.01.15 limit on number of sub-fields in spreadfield raised to 255
30.01.15 limit on number of freefields raised to 8192
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