MERLIN Toolkit imports and exports

Data Fact SheetMERLIN Toolkit is a utility program for bridging between different software packages.

It is supplied free with MERLIN and MERLINPLUS, but can also be purchased as a standalone program.

Key Features

  • From CATI / CAPI systems into analysis packages, across suppliers – Voxco, MERLINPLUS, Askia, Bellview, CfMC, Confirmit, NEBU, NIPO, Quancept, SurveyMonkey
  • Between survey analysis systems for conversion and links with suppliers and clients – MERLIN, UNICOM Intelligence (Dimensions), Quantum, Snap
  • Into tools for reporting, graphics and further analysis – FASTAB, MERLINPLUS Database, MORE, E-Tabs, Excel, IBM SPSS Statistics, SAS, WINYAPS
  • Industry standards supported
    Triple-s TabsML


MERLIN Toolkit import / export lists

Click HERE to download SPSS to triple-s converter (version 2.2)

Recently Added Features

Date Feature
29.10.15 SPSS export now has option for PSPP
30.07.15 upgraded for Windows 10
17.06.15 new choice in Triple-S import to control creation of variable ID in MERLIN
26.05.15 automatic checking for Updates introduced
18.02.15 extra field added to output from choice D1 showing location of variable in IDF
30.01.15 limit on number of sub-fields in spreadfield raised to 255
30.01.15 limit on number of freefields raised to 8192
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