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Keith Hughes ASC Lifetime Honorary Membership

Lifetime Honorary Membership of the ASCIn a brief ceremony at an ASC meeting this month, Merlinco’s development director Keith Hughes was awarded Lifetime Honorary Membership of the ASC. This elite body of honourees (previously consisting of only eight persons) has the privilege of being able to attend all ASC events entirely free of charge (apart from beer) in perpetuity. In his acceptance speech, Keith referred to the fact that all he had ever done for the ASC was to refuse steadfastly for eighteen years to be nominated for a place on the Committee: it’s thought likely that, on the whole, this is one reason for the organisation’s long survival!

(Re-)Production Department Success!

Joseph AlexanderAs usual, Merlinco’s Production Director Kathy Abbott has been working late, and at 0010 am on 21st October, gave birth to JOSEPH ALEXANDER, who weighed in at 7lb.11oz. Mother and baby are doing well, and we are looking forward to seeing them. Meanwhile, at Merlinco, Kay Drury is running the Production Department while Kathy is on maternity leave.