Merlinco Personnel

John TebbothJohn Tebboth

Managing Director, with particular responsibility for Support and Training. He joined Merlinco in 1991. For 19 years prior to that he worked at MAS Research (which latterly became part of the Taylor Nelson Sofres group), in the data processing department. As a specification writer, he used several analysis packages including MERLIN, and was responsible for converting the entire DP operation to MERLIN. Eventually becoming DP director, his responsibilities included data entry and CATI as well as survey tabulation. An excellent speaker, he has always taken a special interest in staff training and user documentation, which is clearly reflected in the work he now does at Merlinco.

Keith HughesKeith Hughes

Software Development Director. His career began in 1965 at MAS Research, where he attained the rank of Research Assistant before his interests began to focus on computerised survey analysis methods. After working in the bureau divisions of ICL, CRC and Libra he became a consultant in 1973 and co-authored the prototype version of MERLIN. In the 1980s he helped found the Tab Shop and Market Research Software, which he left in 1991 to start Merlinco, where he has been in charge of software development ever since. He is directly involved with both the design and the implementation of all Merlinco’s in-house software, but his chief interest and responsibility remains with MERLIN itself, a role he describes as being “a bit like painting the Forth Bridge, with the added complication that the banks move further apart every year”.

Kathy AbbottKathy Abbott

Production Director. She joined Merlinco in 2008 to manage our new Production Department. Kathy has over twenty years experience as a MERLIN specwriter, and has worked for a wide range of clients – but her particular expertise is in healthcare research. As well as looking after MERLIN analysis jobs, Kathy also handles our web survey service, setting up projects for clients who do not have our web software themselves.

Peter JacklingPeter Jackling

Business Development Director. After a degree in Business and Marketing, he has spent his entire career in the application of technology to survey data capture and analysis. This experience has mainly been on the supply side, providing CATI / CAPI and web software packages and tabulation systems to international markets, and running bureaux specialising in analysis of survey data. Additionally, Peter spent two years at AGB developing an IT strategy and designing and implementing the technical side of their Superpanel, with 10,000 panel members. He has extensive experience in managing large projects to ensure they are right and on time, and in running small bureaux providing personal service. Peter is a Fellow of The Market Research Society, and is a past Chairman of The British Market Research Association.

Reeta RamdossReeta Ramdoss

Support and Production Executive. She joined Merlinco in 2017 from Bryter Research, where she set up a new DP Department using MERLIN. Prior to that, Reeta worked at Perspective Research Services, Fieldwork International, and GfK NOP, with over 20 years’ experience in market research data processing. Reeta works at our Support Desk, answering queries on MERLIN and other products, and also assists in our Production Department.

CJR2Chris Roffe

An independent consultant, who has worked closely with Merlinco since 2012. Chris maintains most of our Windows software (such as MERLIN and MERLINPLUS), as well as helping and advising us on many other technical issues. He is a self-taught programmer with over 30 years’ experience working with various computer systems in a variety of industries, both commercial and government.