Version 9.3 Released

VERSION 9.3VERSION 9.3 of our software has been released. All our software modules are under continual development, and new builds are released to users via our website. New versions, however, represent major changes across all products – and at v9.3, the maximum length of variable names has been increased to 64. We have also introduced a direct export of tables to Adobe Acrobat “pdf” files, which is available in MTWA (MERLIN to Word and Acrobat). The new export runs much faster than the export to Word, produces smaller files, and does not require the user to have Adobe Professional.

Merlinco Client Party

Merlinco Client PartyOn Thursday 24th November, Merlinco held a client party at The Soho Space, near Cambridge Circus. It is some years since we last hosted an event like this, and it gave us an opportunity to meet a number of clients for the first time – as well as renew old acquaintances. We are sorry that quite a lot of our clients were unable to join us, but we have had very positive feedback from those who did, and some requests to hold a similar event next year.

Kathy Abbott

Kathy AbbottKathy Abbott, our Production Director, has returned from maternity leave! Kay Drury, who ran the department in her absence, is also continuing to work for us, to cope with the growing volume of work. Please contact Kathy if you have any production requirements.

Insight Show

Insight ExhibitionOn June 29-30th, Merlinco had a stand at the Insight Show in Olympia. We were pleased to meet some of our clients there, and to make new acquaintances.

Peter Jackling Runs Final Marathon

Peter Jackling Runs Final MarathonOn Sunday 17 April Peter ran his sixth and final marathon. Having previously run Rome, Dublin, Paris, Budapest, and Nice to Cannes, he’s hanging up his long-distance running shoes. “I started running late (in life – at 54)” said Peter. “It’s so difficult to get into the London Marathon, but I was determined to do the biggest and best one in the world, so I managed to get a charity place. Having done work with the National Autistic Society I felt they were a very deserving cause, and the response from friends and family was fantastic. It is amazing how generous people have been, in sponsorship AND encouragement. After all the training runs in the cold and dark, the treadmill sessions, and the physio bills, the event itself was almost perfect weather, but became too hot. This left me with severe cramp to fight through for the final 7 miles, helped by fantastic support and the camaraderie. But the experience was absolutely wonderful, well worth the pain – to the beer at the end.”

Job Vacancy in Production Department

Job VacancyMerlinco are looking for someone with 1+ years experience using MERLIN or a similar survey analysis package. Please email your CV to John Tebboth

Merlinco Lunch

Merlinco MealMerlinco directors, staff and freelancers recently had an enjoyable lunch together at the Rosemary Lane restaurant, which is near our office. We have used this venue several years running for a New Year celebration but, sadly, this will be the last time as the restaurant is closing in the summer.

MERLIN Steam Locomotive

MERLIN TrainMerlinco directors John Tebboth and Keith Hughes, both steam train enthusiasts, recently took a trip to Canterbury on a train hauled by an LMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0 locomotive (commonly known as the Black 5). Although most people associate MERLIN (the name of our main analysis package) with a magician … MERLIN was also a steam locomotive, and anyone visiting our offices can see a unique model of it!

Keith Hughes ASC Lifetime Honorary Membership

Lifetime Honorary Membership of the ASCIn a brief ceremony at an ASC meeting this month, Merlinco’s development director Keith Hughes was awarded Lifetime Honorary Membership of the ASC. This elite body of honourees (previously consisting of only eight persons) has the privilege of being able to attend all ASC events entirely free of charge (apart from beer) in perpetuity. In his acceptance speech, Keith referred to the fact that all he had ever done for the ASC was to refuse steadfastly for eighteen years to be nominated for a place on the Committee: it’s thought likely that, on the whole, this is one reason for the organisation’s long survival!

(Re-)Production Department Success!

Joseph AlexanderAs usual, Merlinco’s Production Director Kathy Abbott has been working late, and at 0010 am on 21st October, gave birth to JOSEPH ALEXANDER, who weighed in at 7lb.11oz. Mother and baby are doing well, and we are looking forward to seeing them. Meanwhile, at Merlinco, Kay Drury is running the Production Department while Kathy is on maternity leave.