MERLIN 10 released!

Merlin 10

MERLIN 10 has been released, and many of our clients are already enjoying the benefits of new features and increased capacity. If you would like to try it, request a FREE TRIAL at the foot of this page.


Merlinco extend their support services

AutomationMerlinco have made two new appointments:

  • Mark Syrett, who has worked at Merlinco’s Support Desk for over 10 years, has been promoted to Associate Director, with special responsibility for our IT services.
  • Reeta Ramdoss has joined us from Bryter Research, where she set up a new DP Department using MERLIN, and will be working at our Support Desk – as well as assisting in our Production Department.

MERLIN ‘far better’


We have just received this emailed comment from a client who started using MERLIN this year, after previously using STATA and SPSS…

“MERLIN has been a fantastic addition to our data processing toolset, far better than what I was using previously.”



Merlinco software was mentioned a number of times during the ASC one-day conference on Automation, attended by Merlinco directors John Tebboth and Keith Hughes, as well as a number of our clients. The ability to import from, and export to, the Triple-S standard makes it easy to incorporate MERLIN runs into a series of streamlined tasks, as emphasised in the papers by James Eldridge and Steve Taylor.



Merlin 10

MERLIN 10 will be the most significant new version of MERLIN in recent years: the main improvement will be dramatically increased limits – facilitating the analysis of enormous projects – but we also plan to include many new features. As always, this development is in response to user requests, and we have actively sought our clients’ advice on what to include in the new version.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR. Merlinco’s offices will be closed for Christmas from midday on Friday 23rd December to Monday 2nd January inclusive. A support service will be available during this time, so please email any issues to as usual, and we will respond as soon as possible. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


ASC (Association for Survey Computing) conference

ASC Conference

Merlinco were represented at ASC’s International Conference at the University of Winchester this year by our Business Development Director, Peter Jackling.

Merlinco have always had close links with the ASC and, for the last two years, have been one of their sponsors … entitling us to display our new banner at the conference!

MERLIN processes 130 million data records


Following an enquiry as to whether MERLIN could process 120 million data records, we mentioned this to a client who decided to try 130 million!

He constructed a dummy ASCII data file 1.6Gb in size, containing a serial number and two variables, then wrote a MERLIN set-up to generate 4 tables from it. The job ran without any problems, and took just 2 hours 5 minutes. We would be interested to know if anyone ever analyses more data records!

Merlinco software and Microsoft Office 2016.

Office 2016

All Merlinco products have been tested with Office 2016, and we are pleased to announce that they are fully compatible. MERLIN tables can be exported into Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as Adobe PDF files.


4 Flags

Within the last month, MERLIN licences have been sold in 4 countries overseas – as well as the UK!

Long time MERLIN users Netquest have increased their MERLIN usage in Spain, and bought new licences for their offices in Chile and Mexico.

DataExpert is a Hungarian company specialising in market research operations support, with services covering survey programming, survey hosting, data management, data processing, data visualization, online dashboards and custom developments.