MERLIN Steam Locomotive

MERLIN TrainMerlinco directors John Tebboth and Keith Hughes, both steam train enthusiasts, recently took a trip to Canterbury on a train hauled by an LMS Stanier Class 5 4-6-0 locomotive (commonly known as the Black 5). Although most people associate MERLIN (the name of our main analysis package) with a magician … MERLIN was also a steam locomotive, and anyone visiting our offices can see a unique model of it!

Version 9.2 Released

Version 9.2VERSION 9.2 of our software has been released. Our software is under continuous development, and clients can download new builds from our website – but new versions represent more significant changes. At v9.2 these include increased limits in all programs, but especially MERLIN, and the updating of MTPP to work with PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.


FASTAB IS FREEOur data exploration package for end-users is now free and can be downloaded from the FASTAB products page. A demonstration database is included, and other databases can be supplied by any MERLIN or MERLINPLUS user.

Basis Research

Basis ResearchBasis Research, whose areas of expertise include segmentation, brand strategy, innovation, and communications, are our newest client, having bought a MERLIN licence

Research Now use MERLIN for new web-based application

Research NowResearch Now, who have been using MERLIN for their in-house data processing for over 5 years, are developing a new web-based reporting system powered by MERLIN. The new system is called Online Reporting Tool, and will enable Research Now’s clients to run their own simple tables and charts on-line. Users specify their tables through a graphical user interface, which generates a MERLIN script to analyse data held in MERLIN internal files. Although applications of this type are available commercially, Research Now decided to develop their own, using MERLIN because of their experience of its reliability and speed. Merlinco has added some new features at Research Now’s request, most of which are of potential benefit to all MERLIN users..

Two Half Day MERLIN Seminars

Two Half Day MERLIN SeminarsTwo Half Day MERLIN Seminars are planned for November:

  • Fri Nov 14th : Making the most of the Pre-Processor
  • Fri Nov 29th : Using CSV / XLS data in MERLIN

Winning Combination

Winning CombinatinoNow we have our own Production Department, we are even keener to make life easier for MERLIN analysts! We recently realised that a lot of time can be spent defining and labelling an svar that contains all combinations of an mvar … so we have written a small program to generate the code automatically. If you use MERLIN, and would like a free copy of this program, just let us know.

Clear Stream Research becomes Client

Clear Stream ResearchClear Stream Research have joined Merlinco’s client list this month, with their purchase of MERLIN, MTW, and MERLINPLUS Database. Clear Stream Research offer telephone and online data collection, design and management of online panels and communities, as well as data processing and multivariate analysis.

Version 9.1 Released

merlinstarVERSION 9.1 of our software has been released. The main addition to MERLIN is the ability to directly read and write Excel files, and in MERLINPLUS there is a new screen that enables you to edit any number of entries at once. There are lots more changes to these, and other programs in our range (including new logos!), all detailed in the release notes which have been sent to our clients. Anyone else interested should contact Merlinco.