Major re-development of MPI-Palm


Merlinco have started a major re-development of MPI-Palm, to make this interviewing software available on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, and Windows phones. Other operating platforms may also can be added if there is sufficient demand. The new version is expected to be released by the middle of 2014.

Stansted Airport


Stansted Airport Ltd, which was sold to the Manchester Airport Group earlier this year, will continue using MPI-Palm, the MERLINPLUS palmtop interviewing module, which they used while they were part of BAA. This means that the three largest London airports (Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted) have all chosen Merlinco’s software to interview passengers in their terminals.

New Software Releases

MERLIN and MERLINPLUS V9.4 ReleaseWe are pleased to announce the release of v9.4 of our software which, amongst other things, includes a much requested statistical feature in both MERLIN and MERLINPLUS. Also starting at v9.4, new versions of our software can be downloaded from the client area of our website, and anyone wishing to trial our software will be given temporary access to this area in order to download their copy.


MERLINCO Software Used for Book

Using talk effectively in the primary classroomMERLINCO’s software has been used in the preparation of a book called “Using talk effectively in the primary classroom”, co-authored by Dr.Richard Eke of the University of the West of England who have, for many years, used MERLINPLUS to analyse data collected in educational studies. The following paragraph appears on the book’s Acknowledgements page.

‘We have been fortunate in our analysis of classroom data, both here and in other places, to have been able to exploit the flexibility of the software ‘Merlin’ and have appreciated dialogue with Keith Hughes on its usage.’


FASTAB IS FREEOur data exploration package for end-users is now free and can be downloaded from the FASTAB products page. A demonstration database is included, and other databases can be supplied by any MERLIN or MERLINPLUS user.

City University Obtain MERLINPLUS Database

City UniversityCity University have obtained MERLINPLUS Database for analysing data collected by OpinionPanel Research (who are MERLIN users), and are the 15th university to do so. Merlinco offer two packages for end-users of data – FASTAB and MERLINPLUS Database .

McDonald Research and MERLINPLUS

McDonald ResearchMcDonald Research, a Surrey-based consultancy who offer advice and practical help on all aspects of marketing and advertising research, have bought the Questionnaire Definition module of MERLINPLUS to design questionnaires in Microsoft Word. Colin McDonald mastered the program with no training, and commented how easy it was to use. The modular design of MERLINPLUS allows many of the programs (such as Questionnaire Definition) to be purchased independently.

The Research Unit buys MERLINPLUS and MTW

The Research UnitOur first new client of 2009 is The Research Unit, who have bought MERLINPLUS and MTW. The Research Unit specialise in community engagement and complex social research briefs.

QRS Market Research buys MERLINPLUS

QRSQRS Market Research Ltd, who have been a Merlinco client for some years through their use of CONVERSO for CATI, have now bought MERLINPLUS – both to analyse Converso data (exported via the Triple-S standard), and to process non-CATI projects from scratch. QRS offer a range of Quant and Qual data collection methods across business and consumer markets.

Clear Stream Research becomes Client

Clear Stream ResearchClear Stream Research have joined Merlinco’s client list this month, with their purchase of MERLIN, MTW, and MERLINPLUS Database. Clear Stream Research offer telephone and online data collection, design and management of online panels and communities, as well as data processing and multivariate analysis.