MPI-PALM Goes to Malta!

Phoenix Research Ltd, a specialist in experiential research, recently took a short-term lease of MPI-Palm, our palmtop interviewing software, to conduct a survey in Malta during a major music event. Six palmtops were used, and data files were emailed to us as soon as the survey was complete – enabling us to generate the first run of tables the same day.

This software is available as an “add-on” to MERLINPLUS – or we can set up and analyse surveys for you.MPI Palm goes to Malta

Version 9.1 Released

merlinstarVERSION 9.1 of our software has been released. The main addition to MERLIN is the ability to directly read and write Excel files, and in MERLINPLUS there is a new screen that enables you to edit any number of entries at once. There are lots more changes to these, and other programs in our range (including new logos!), all detailed in the release notes which have been sent to our clients. Anyone else interested should contact Merlinco.