Online survey tools

Merlinco offers a number of online survey tools, all of which can be run on Merlinco’s or the client’s own server.

MPI-Web (MERLINPLUS Interviewing for Web) is part of the MERLINPLUS suite of programs. This online survey tool enables you to set up and test a questionnaire off-line, then upload it to the server as a live survey. As well as offering complete flexibility in the content of the questionnaire (e.g. grids, question routing, interviewer instructions, numeric calculations, display of earlier answers, and multi-media facilities), MPI-Web also allows you to change the appearance of online surveys to incorporate client colours and logo.

MPI-Web optionally allows you to give each respondent a unique access key, so an interview may be completed in more than one session. MPI-Web can also be integrated with a panel management or CRM (Customer Relations Management) system.

Having uploaded the survey, you can monitor the number of interviews completed, and download them at any time for off-line analysis within MERLINPLUS – or, we have two other online survey tools that allow you to analyse the online data directly:
• Online results (included with MPI-Web) shows top-line figures for every response, with simple graphics facilities, and also allows you to see which access keys have been used.
MORE enables you to produce cross-tabulations (with filtering, weighting, and statistical options), and charts. Both tables and charts can be downloaded.