MERLIN analysis software for professionals

MERLINPLUS Data Fact SheetMERLIN is a comprehensive software package for survey data processing. It has been developed for over 20 years, and is now one of the best-known and most widely-used packages of its kind.

MERLIN is a language based product, aimed at the professional survey analyser.  We recommend MERLIN for people who will spend at least 75% of their time using it, in order that they will be able to develop and retain skills in the use of this language; for those processing data on a less frequent basis, we recommend MERLINPLUS.

MERLIN is often compared with Quantum

Key Features

  • data entry
  • data editing and reporting
  • cross tabulation with full labelling
  • full and partial table manipulation
  • many statistical functions including correlations and dependent t-tests
  • multi-stage weighting including rims and / or targets
  • tables export to Word / Acrobat / Excel / TabsML (preferred export for E-Tabs)
  • inputs / outputs ASCII, column binary, CSV, or Excel data
  • includes the “pre-processor” – a powerful macro system for handling any type of repetitive specification
  • processing of hierarchical data structures
  • merging dis-aggregated and / or aggregated data from different surveys
  • ability to re-run tables to change text and formatting, without re-reading the data
  • spellchecking
  • hundreds of formatting options
  • MERLIN Toolkit and MTWA included free

MERLIN Screenshot

Merlin Screenshot