MERLIN Toolkit imports and exports

Data Fact SheetMERLIN Toolkit is a utility program for bridging between different software packages.

It is supplied free with MERLIN and MERLINPLUS, but can also be purchased as a standalone program.

Key Features

  • From CATI / CAPI systems into analysis packages, across suppliers – Voxco, MERLINPLUS, Askia, Bellview, CfMC, Confirmit, NEBU, NIPO, Quancept, SurveyMonkey
  • Between survey analysis systems for conversion and links with suppliers and clients – MERLIN, UNICOM Intelligence (Dimensions), Quantum, Snap
  • Into tools for reporting, graphics and further analysis – FASTAB, MERLINPLUS Database, MORE, E-Tabs, Excel, IBM SPSS Statistics, SAS, WINYAPS
  • Industry standards supported
    Triple-s TabsML


MERLIN Toolkit import / export lists

Click HERE to download SPSS to triple-s converter (version 2.3)